There are various avenues in media buying, and we have walked down all of them many times before. Often, media buying is thought of as just being “Pay Per Click” advertising but it isn’t.

Media Buying – The art of getting your clients to appear where they need to, for the best possible price.

Often, we create a media plan to find the best websites for our clients to display on, then we talk to the companies who are responsible for the space and see if we can work with them to display on their site. Paid space purchasing  is often an untapped resource many businesses don’t take advantage of, but when they do can make a huge difference to their bottom line as the traffic is very targeted giving them the best chance of success.

What We Buy For You

  • Niche relevant ad space on websites including blogs, forums, information sites etc
  • Sponsorships for niche specific enthusiast websites
  • Super targeted Facebook Ads
  • Google Adwords and Display network
  • Bing/Yahoo Advertising

Each customer is different and all of our media buying solutions are tailored to meet each companies needs. A Strategic plan is the most important factor in creating a media buying strategy that will work.

Let us work on your digital advertising while you do what you do best, running your business.

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